SK 1203

SK 1203


SK 1203

Self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus incorporating a hood for escape(Emergency Escape Breathing Device) and it is used for self-rescue in all the environments where dangerous situations may occur due to fire fumes or lack of oxygen.

Technical Data

  1. Valve / Pressure Reducer: provided with gauge for the continuous reading of the cylinder charge
  2. Volume / Cylinder Working Pressure: 2 l / 300 bar
  3. Air reserve: 550 N litres
  4. Flow: about 36 l/min
  5. Autonomy: more than 15 minutes
  6. Certified as a class 15 minutes device to EN 1146:2005 and meeting with directives 98/686/EEC (PPE), 97/23/ EC (PED) and 96/98/EC (MED) MARCATURA



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