Mobile X-Ray Unit

Mobile X-Ray Unit


Mobile X-Ray Unit

NAFFCO Mobile Medical has several Mobile X-Ray solutions which can be used for all OEM’s. The Mobile X-Ray solution starts as a small van type solution which can be driven by a normal driver license.

The full size trailer solution is used to combine the X-Ray with other Medical treatments.

Combined solutions which have been delivered in NAFFCO Mobile X-Ray solution are:

  1. Lab
  2. Ultra Sound
  3. Mammography
  4. General treatment

The mobile X-Ray unit capable of travelling over both public and private roads. It may be parked for long periods.

The Mobile X-Ray Unit capable of functioning as an independent island unit, without any need for connection to any permanent external services, because the provision of on-site electrical, water and drainage services cannot be always guaranteed.






( all measure can be customized according to client requirements )

Length10,000 mm. external
Width3,500 mm. external
Width5,900 mm. in expandable position
Height2,500 mm

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