uvex pheos IES safety helmet

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uvex pheos IES – the comfort safety helmet with the integrated spectacles clip

Safety spectacles and protective helmets don’t always go well together, but this has now changed with the uvex pheos IES: IES stands for “Integrated Eyewear System” and means that your uvex pheos safety glasses can be connected directly with the clip integrated in the helmet. This means that it is always firmly in the position it should be in – and where necessary safely stored in the parking position in the helmet.

General features

  • safety helmet with slot on the front for helmet lights
  • side Euroslot adapters (30 mm) for attaching earmuffs and the uvex pheos visor system
  • with long brim
  • available in: white, yellow, orange, red, blue

Protection features

  • meets standard EN 397 and additional requirements for very low temperatures (-30 °C) and molten metal (MM) splash

Comfort features

  • six-point textile band attachment ensures optimal fit and comfort
  • three variable air vents for maximum ventilation
  • suspension harness with wheel ratchet for variable width adjustment – also has the option to mount uvex pheos safety spectacles

available variants:

  • 9772040: white
  • 9772140: yellow
  • 9772240: orange
  • 9772340: red
  • 9772540: blue


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Product typesafety helmet
Product familyuvex pheos
Versionwith IES (Integrated Eyewear System), with long brim
StandardsEN 397
Additional requirement (EN 397)-30 °C, MM (Molten Metal)
Size55 to 61 cm
AwardsiF Product Design Award 2013
SegmentRoad Building, Asphalt Work, Water, Wastewater, Pipeline Construction, Plastering / Concrete, Masonry / Stone Setting / Stone Work / Bricklaying, Wrecking, Demolition, Bridge / Tunnel / Elevated Highway Construction, Metal Works

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