High Expansion Foam Generator

High Expansion Foam Generator

High Expansion Foam Generator

NAFFCO Mobile Foam Generator is a high expansion foam generator designed to expand foam solution into many millions of tiny stable bubbles of foam. No other source of power such as electricity or gasoline engine is needed.





NAFFCO Foam Generators can be used to protect the following typical hazards.

  1. Flammable liquid storage areas
  2. Liquefied natural gas storage and handling areas
  3. Paper products ware houses
  4. Hazardous waste storage areas and incineration plants
  5. Chemical storage areas
  6. Tire ware houses
  7. Mining and power stations
  8. Cable tunnels
  9. Air craft hangars
  10. Flammable liquid bottling areas
  11. Ships’ engine rooms and holds
  12. Cellars, basements and enclosed spaces


Model Inlet Flow Foam Expansion Ratio Induction Rate
NF-31-3 2½” NH Female (BS336 Optional) 180 LPM @ 4 Bar 700 times 4.5 LPM
NF-6000P 2½” NH Female (BS336 Optional) 192 – 305 LPM 450-650 (Bypass fully closed) 750-1000 (Bypass full open)
NF-6000F 2½” BS Instantaneous 150-230 (Bypass fully closed) 170-280 (Bypass full open) 425-800 (Bypass fully closed) 700-1000 (Bypass full open)

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