Fluoroprotein Foam (FP) Concentrate

Fluoroprotein Foam (FP) Concentrate

Fluoroprotein Foam (FP) Concentrate

NAFFCO FLUOROFOAM is a fluoroprotein foam concentrate containing C6 flourinated surfactants in a carefully formulated protein foam liquid base. This ensures the production of a stabilised fluid foam which will cover a burning hydrocarbon fuel surface very rapidly. The water soluble fluorosurfactant makes the foam hydrocarbon repellent and reduces the amount of burning particles absorbed by the foam in fighting the hydrocarbon fuel fires. Once fire extinction has been achieved the high stability of the foam blanket ensures against the risk of re-ignition and provides excellent protection against “burn-back” should any inaccessible pockets of fire remains.




ModelFlurofoam 3P-C6 3%Flurofoam 6P-C6 6%
ProductFluoroprotein FoamFluoroprotein Foam
AppearanceDark Brown LiquidDark Brown Liquid
Use Concentration3%6%
Specific Gravity @ 25°C1.13 ± 0.021.09 ± 0.02
pH @ 25°C7.0 ± 0.57.0 ± 0.5
Viscosity @ 25°C< 20 cSt< 20 cSt
Suspended sediment (v/v)< 0.3%< 0.3%
Pour PointFlows at -7°CFlows at -7°C
*Foam Expansion> 6> 6
*Foam Drainage 25%3 minutes 30 secs.5 minutes

Expansion & Drainage values depend on the equipment & the application conditions

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