Fire Pump Cloud System

Fire Pump Cloud System

Fire Pump Cloud System

The fire pump is considered the most important and critical equipment in the whole fire fighting system. It sits at the heart of any fixed fire fighting system – and if it doesn’t function as it should the consequences can be devastating. Due to this, it becomes very necessary to monitor a fire fighting pump on 24 / 7 basis. This is to make sure the system is running perfectly, and to get immediate alarms or messages in case of any failure, critical or abnormal situation, so as the dedicated maintenance team can do the necessary actions in early and immediate stages.

Towards this end, NAFFCO has launched the Cloud System which is a new innovative monitoring system that enables us to monitor your Fire Pump 24/7 where ever it is.

Interfacing unit is connected with the Fire Pump Controllers and related sensors and equipment in the Fire Pump room. This unit sends the monitored signals to a special modem. Any signal or alarm sent to the modem is then transferred to the Cloud and NAFFCO’s Desktop Management System via 3G or GPRS. At NAFFCO’s Cloud System Control Room an alarm is sounded upon the receipt of the signal and our maintenance team will be continuously monitoring your pump 24 / 7, ready for quick action, and always stand-by. The system can also be interfaced with the mobile phone(s) of a site’s safety staff, so that they can quickly be alerted to a problem or it can transfer information via e-mail and real-time information can be passed on to Civil Defence authorities also. The system generates alerts to the service desk and assists to identify and notify fault conditions to operators immediately. As well as revealing faults and ensuring fast remedial action, this kind of monitoring will also increase awareness of best practice regarding this type of life-saving equipment.




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