Automatic Fuel Filtration System

Automatic Fuel Filtration System

Automatic Fuel Filtration System

Specialists have proven that stored diesel fuel can start to deteriorate within just 28 days of refining. Researchers also confirmed that after 8 – 10 months, diesel fuel will start to form sludge if it stays still in the tanks increasing the chances of engine failure or damage, when required to operate. Fuel contamination is a major cause of premature shutdown for standby engines, generator sets, fire pump engines, and other diesel engine support functions. Contamination commences as soon as the storage tanks are filled and continues until the fuel is used. As the length of storage period increases, the probability for premature engine shutdown due to either clogged filters, or excessive water entrainment, increases. And here comes the high need of smart fuel filtration systems.

NAFFCO YH-FFS-01 programmable automated fuel filtration system is self-contained, stand-alone system that removes and prevents the build-up of water, sludge and contaminants in tanks. It stabilizes diesel and bio-fuels, eliminates microbial contamination to optimize and maintain fuel quality. It is designed to fulfill NFPA requirements in maintaining and cleaning fuel stored in fuel tanks in accordance with NFPA requirements.

The system utilizes various components such as magnetic fuel conditioner, fuel gear self-priming pump coupled with UL recognized electric motor, programmable automatic weekly timer, water level controller for sensing water in filter, automatic and manual water draining system, float switch for fuel leak detection etc. to accomplish its function. Additionally it includes a UL listed industrial controller and a clean agent fire suppression cylinder. This system is suitable for fuel tanks of capacity from 50 to 500 gallons.

Controller includes various features such as power on indicator, pump run indicator, motor overload alarm indicator, fuel leak alarm indicator, low vacuum pressure alarm indicator, high discharge pressure alarm indicator, water in filter alarm indicator, common alarm relay for remote warning (free contacts), common top mounted big alarm indicator, automatic and manual operation (selector switch).




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